Bubble Cat

Hello world! My first blog has just born.

I guess I must write here something of myself. At first, my english isn’t brilliant…yet. But I do my best to correct that mistake.

And what else…I love drawing.

I have loved it since I remember. Earlier I used mostly pencil and pen. And my teachers know that I didn’t draw only to the white drawing paper but to exercise books and textbooks.

But in autumn 2013 I discovered Inkscape (free and open source vector graphics editor) and that changed my life. Drawing in computer is magical! It’s so different from traditional drawing and gives you new opportunities, but at the same time, like other types of art, it’s difficult too.

I’m not in that level of digital drawing where I wanna reach. It needs time and devotion. But I hope that one day I will be what I want to be – the REAL illustrator.

But in the meantime, I decided to learn new graphics editor to develop my skills. That’s MyPaint and it’s for digital painting.

So…If you want to see my current works, then just explore the gallery and other menu buttons. I add here one of my favourite works – cat who wanna catch painted bubbles.

Enjoy! 🙂