“You keep your eyes on the prize…”

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Hello again.

Today is the 1st October and in my homeland it’s getting colder and colder with each day. But in the warm room in front of the computer with tea or cocoa it’s really cozy.

I have been participated in IllustrationFriday weekly art challenges lately. If you’re not familiar with this, then check out www.illustrationfriday.com. There’s some really cool artwork to explore and maybe you will even start to take part of the challenge yourself. I haven’t been chosen to be the pick of the week, but I still have the motivation to participate because this gives me interesting themes to draw and time limit makes me draw often and faster.

This week’s topic is Prize. And…here is the result – this is about the girl who had made a drawing for competition and very, very wants to win. I’m not very satisfied with the result, but today is the last day of this topic, so I have no time to start again. The girl in this picture is made in MyPaint (the rest of it in Inkscape as usual) and I hope that the fact that I’m not very familiar with this program (yet) helps to reduce the criticism a bit. 🙂

Fortunately, there is new topic tomorrow and I am excited to see what it is.

So, if you live in cold area too, keep yourself warm and enjoy the autumn.

And here’s to you one nice quote about prize:

“You keep your eyes on the prize, you try to do what’s right, and eventually, you’ll reach your goal.” Eric Holder


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