Star Girl illustration pencil

Hey Again!

Illustration Friday’s pick of the week for Ink is so funny picture. You definitely should take a glimpse of it:

But new topic is out there. And that’s: STAR. And I’m really surprised, because I just thought that I’d like this topic in near future. The reason is that I have one picture which I made about half year ago. I made it with traditional pencil and just added little colour tuning in Gimp. So, here it is – the fairy girl, who put every night the stars in the sky and every dawn pick them off again. 🙂

I hope that I have enough time to make another picture of this week. Maybe second picture of star. Or maybe I will make new Stevie picture (Stevie is my little cat. You can find the pictures I have made of him here: ). Or maybe I’ll make something new. I just hope that I have time to do something.

I have caught cold and last few days have been quite awful. So I hope I’ll be better tomorrow.

And finally, here is one interesting fact about stars:

“The closest star to Earth is Proxima Centauri, located 4.2 light-years away. In other words, it takes light itself more than 4 years to complete the journey from Earth. If you tried to hitch a ride on the fastest spacecraft ever launched from Earth, it would still take you more than 70,000 years to get there from here.” ¹




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