Miss World

Miss World illustration Inkscape


Last week, after Illustration Friday’s new topic Star was revealed, I started to thought about the new picture to make. I imagined a woman with the stars in her hair. But at first the image in my head was very difficult to implement.  But suddenly, walking to the shop to buy some food, a picture came to my head – a woman as the world. And I knew I must make it. I was so excited to go back to the home and sketch it to the paper. And now, few days later it’s ready and if I’m honest I really like it! It’s not always like that. Usually I have rather weak idea and then the pictures come out weak, too.

It’s always nice to be satisfied with the result. It keeps you motivated and happy. I have always admired people, who love what they are doing. I believe that when you start doing whatever you love, and keep doing it even when there are obstacles and difficulties, then you achieve the success. Doesn’t matter what it is, what you like, just keep doing it, and then, one day, you are what you want to be – successful writer, famous singer, Nobel laureate or Miss World.

And finally, today is the birthday of one person who have done what he want and are now very successful and famous fashion designer, philanthropist and business executive – Ralph Lauren! Happy birthday! 🙂


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