Rag Rabbit wounded unstuffed illustration Inkscape

This week’s topic is Stuffed, but my picture is rather “unstuffed”. This is about toy rabbit, who had been bitten by dog and left lying around. The rabbit is lying there like wounded person and the cotton is like blood around it.

I love toys, especially stuffed ones. I feel like they are living creatures. Almost year ago, when I worked in a bric a brac shop, there was a little girl with her mom. And I heard her mom saying something like: “Now we are buying you new teddy and old teddy is going to the teddy’s graveyard.” You don’t believe how sad I was because this teddy! I wanted to tell that mom that maybe she’ll give this old teddy to me. I wanted to save it. But I didn’t dare. I’m coward. 😦

But the end of my rabbit’s tale is much happier. Although not all of the story. His owner fixes him, but then buys herself new and more beautiful rabbit toy. Happy about her new toy, she doesn’t notice, that the old one is falling off her hands. In home she realizes that her old rabbit is lost, but she doesn’t care so much. And the rabbit is lying all night in the cold and rain. But if you want to know the end of the Rag Rabbit’s story, then check out all pictures here: https://hannalaasberg.wordpress.com/ragrabbit/ .

It’s late and I’m very tired. So I’m going to bed now and take my teddy with me. 🙂


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