Silver Moonlight

The Boy Who Swam With Piranhas

Last time I told that I’ll make new picture of IF topic Animal, but I didn’t. Instead I drew a picture about the book I had finished. This time it was The Boy Who Swam With Piranhas by David Almond. If you’re not familiar with David Almond’s work and you like children’s books even a bit, then I really recommend you his novel Skellig. It is such a warm and lovely book that I truly enjoyed. But The Boy Who Swam With Piranhas wasn’t bad at all, too. It is a story about a boy named Stan, whose uncle is going little bit crazy and Stan runs away from home. But read it by yourself. 😀

In the book there was one scene with Stan and a gipsy woman which I really liked and my drawing is about that.

This week IF topic is City. I hope that I’ll find some time to illustrate that theme, but I’m not gonna promise anything. 🙂

See you soon!



Stevie and Milk cat drinking milkillustration Inkscape

Yesterday it was 13th and Friday. Huh. Luckily it’s over now. It was quite good day for me, but very awful for France. 😦

I skipped last week Illustration Friday’s theme, but I’m not gonna do that in this week again. New topic is Animal. I’m gonna make new picture for it soon. But in the meantime I submit one of my previous picture about my cat Stevie (you can watch other pictures of Stevie here: Because you know, if you have animal in your house, then sometimes it can cause huge mess. But still, it’s such pleasant to have little furry creature in your home waiting for you. 🙂


Cleaning The World

Cleaning the World illustration Inkscape

Well… There’s been more than week without new post. But not without drawing. 🙂 Yes, I admit that I have done less, but sometimes you need a rest of every activity, even of the best ones.

Illustration Friday this week’s topic is Whimsical. I actually even didn’t know this word before and even after searching the meaning I’m still not sure if I understand it completely. I guess you have realized that English isn’t exactly my native language, so every now and again I must check out some words. 🙂 But soon I finish one book and wanna draw a picture about that, so maybe I skip this week IF topic.

Anyway, little about my new picture, too. I made it for one content – Estonian digital drawing content. Most topics were related with the World. I chose the theme Cleaning The World Began Here already in the beginning of the summer. But you know, if you have a lot of time, then you postpone your works and get ready with them at the last moment. And here I am. Tomorrow is the deadline and I just finished. 😀

But now, I clean my head of thoughts and go to sleep. 🙂 Good dreams!



Bouquet Cows illustration Inkscape

Here’s my submission for this week’s IF topic Bouquet. 🙂 I didn’t want to draw only flowers, and that’s why I made cows who pleasingly eat flowers. At first I didn’t like this topic at all, because I thought it’s not exiting. But actually it was quite fun to draw these cows. 😀

And if I could I would give one beautiful bouquet to one great person who made my day again. 🙂