Aljona The Hedgehog

Aljona the Hedgehog children story

Yes, I admit that I’ve done less artwork lately. But you know, it’s quite difficult to balance between work and hobby. And reading of course. 🙂

I wanna thank one very nice person, who found time to correct mistakes in my Aljona The Hedgehog story (and there wasn’t few of them). Thank you, Dorit! I really recommend to you to take a glimpse of Dorit’s own blog: Her every picture has this great humour that I like. But not only Dorit knows so much about grammar, but she even has her own grammar chickens, too. You can find cartoons about these chickens here: 🙂

And of course, I wanna thank my dear friend Aljona, who was my inspiration in writing about this hedgehog.

And finally, if you haven’t read it yet, you can find pictures and corrected story about little hedgehog Aljona here.

Today it’s the 1st December. So, I hope you have a happy and peaceful Advent time. 🙂 And soon there will be new picture. 😀



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