Here I am again!

Almost a month since I last post a picture. It’s not like I have enough of drawing, I just had quite confusing times. And my head was full of all other thoughts. Nothing bad happened, just you know, sometimes there are distracting things in your life.

I made very simple picture about Illustration Friday last week topic TROPICAL (and still didn’t finish it in the right time). I mixed it with cat, because inside me there lives a crazy cat lady. 😀

There is new theme SPIN out there. So I try not to spin around so much in my life any more and slow down and focus again on things I love.

P.S Maybe you remember if I complained about that we don’t have snow in Estonia. Now we have plenty of snow and it’s great! But in the meantime there was so cold that I wanted to run away and move to some tropical island or something. 😀

See you soon!


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