Hedgewars Hastle

Illustration Friday this week topic is SHELTER. And because I just finished a book I wanna illustrate and it will take a lot of time, I decided to submit one of my old pictures. This is the picture of castle I made for the game Hedgewars. It’s like Worms, but free and instead of worms there are hedgehogs. In this game you can choose different landscapes, where the hedgehogs have their battle. I made my own map with Inkscape and loaded it in the game. It was more than two years ago, when I had just started to use Inkscape and lived in this little island Ruhnu. These were happy times, before I moved in the capital city. I like living in the city, because here are so many opportunities and you can always do something. But once in a while I feel homesickness and miss my life in the island. Although I was not born in Ruhnu, there is my home, my castle, my shelter.



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