It’s a Technological Trap

Technological Trap illustration colour pencils

Less than a week ago, I walked home through the city and when I stopped because the red light, looked around me. And what I saw, quite scared me. All people in my sight were looking into their phone! I tried to find ONE single person who don’t, but I couldn’t. And then I thought – thank god that my smartphone broke few month ago and now I have an old phone, and it’s such a nightmare to use Internet with that. So I rather not. Because I also had this addiction for smartphone. I remember walking and texting all the way to home or work, not to mention how much I used it in home. And I remember how few time I had for things I love. You can see how little I submitted new works in December and January.

Of course I believe that some of these people just were looking what the time is or just got the new message or smth like that. But also I am certain that many of these people were addicted like I were. I am nothing against the smartphones, I rather find them very useful. But as you can overconsume everything, you can overconsume Internet. And I rather look at the beautiful sky or trees or birds if walking, not at my phone. And maybe one day I’ll buy myself again the smartphone, but even then I want to I enjoy that wonderful world around me, not being trapped into the technological world.


Weird Dreams

Weird Dreams illustration pencil

I had that kind of night when you can sleep 12 hours and still cannot rest. Because of all these dreams. Lots of dreams. I woke up several times in the night and every time remembered what I just saw in my dreams. And it seems like the one dream continued through the night. It changed and had different storylines (if you can call these messy things in your dreams “the lines”), but the main plot was about the same things. It was weird dream, spooky and nightmarish, and even the bright moments had this sad atmosphere.

But yet, there was one scene that I really liked and in the morning remembered very clearly. I was in some room where there were tiny round creatures, who said that they lived in underwater. But somebody had catched them and put in this house. They were light yellow and had big eyes and they seemed very sad, maybe because they were so far from home. They said that they eat wood what they can find in underwater, usually the remains of a shipwreck or wood that had drifted there from the coast. And then I remember taking them outside, they were so little that I could put plenty of them in my pocket. In the garden there were some old wooden houses and many trees. And if they saw all this wood, their big eyes went wider and bigger and they were so surprised. They had never seen so much wood in their life.

And if I woke up, I didn’t want to forget this dream and these little creatures, so I drew this scene. 🙂 I have seen weirder stuff in my dreams before, but still this dream touched me in a certain way. Maybe because this sadness what these little creatures felt or maybe because this moment when they saw all these houses and trees and felt something like hope or brief happiness.

How about you? Do you often see dreams? And do you still remember some of your dreams because there were something so extraordinary or weird? 🙂


Bubble Cat Birthday Party illustration Inkscape

I had a holiday two weeks and then, after working less than a week, had another few days free and enjoyed “tourist stuff” in my home city. I visited different museums and cafes and the best thing – the zoo. 🙂

It have been very nice summer already and it’s so good to think that half of it is still there. And if I compare it with previous summers, it is one of the most active and productive summer I’ve ever had. There has been working, reading, relaxing, partying and drawing etc. Usually, in the summers, time just passes so quickly and I’m not able to do much.

Illustration Friday’s this week topic is PARTY and here is my submission. I like to do remakes of my old pictures. And therefore I took two years old picture about cat holding bunch of balloons and made it to the birthday party. And as you can see I used my old characters for this picture. What can I do – these are the cat’s friends. 🙂

Balloon Cat 2014
Balloon Cat 2014