Waves of…

Sea goddess boat illustration colour pencils

Nina, I told you this picture would be digital. But the truth is that recently I’ve wanted to use more traditional tools (it’s quite ironic that after I bought myself the Wacom tablet I truly love, I have drawn more on paper and less in computer). And as I need more practice in both areas, in digital painting and in using colour pencils, the picture is made with last one.

Today was the first meeting of this class for the children I told you about in last post. Of those children who were registered, exactly half came (50% is not so bad indicator I hope). However, since I don’t think I’m very good teacher, I’m not surprised if no children will come next time. 😀

My head is empty right now, so I stop writing, take a book and go to bed. 🙂

Drawing With Inkscape

Drawing With Inkscape illustration

In one of my post I mentioned that I recently changed my job. Previously I worked in cafe but now in a library. The last one suits me much better, because I love books. I must admit that I love food too, but I prefer to eat it myself, not to “feed” other people. 🙂

Nowadays many libraries are not focused only on books. For example it’s important for libraries to offer free access to computers and the internet. In library where I work we even make these short user trainings, where we, for example, teach older people how to use computer or smartphone. My favourite is teaching drawing tablet. 🙂 Among other things, this November we start class for children where we teach them computer graphics. And in the first meeting I’ll show children how to use my favourite program Inkscape, with what I have made most of my drawings. It’s my first time to do something like that and I’m so thrilled. But at the same time, little nervous too. I hope that I am able to show children how interesting Inkscape is.

And to inform children of our class we needed a poster. I didn’t make it. But for the poster we needed a picture to show to the children what the class is about. And that’s what I did. 🙂