Drawing With Inkscape

Drawing With Inkscape illustration

In one of my post I mentioned that I recently changed my job. Previously I worked in cafe but now in a library. The last one suits me much better, because I love books. I must admit that I love food too, but I prefer to eat it myself, not to “feed” other people. 🙂

Nowadays many libraries are not focused only on books. For example it’s important for libraries to offer free access to computers and the internet. In library where I work we even make these short user trainings, where we, for example, teach older people how to use computer or smartphone. My favourite is teaching drawing tablet. 🙂 Among other things, this November we start class for children where we teach them computer graphics. And in the first meeting I’ll show children how to use my favourite program Inkscape, with what I have made most of my drawings. It’s my first time to do something like that and I’m so thrilled. But at the same time, little nervous too. I hope that I am able to show children how interesting Inkscape is.

And to inform children of our class we needed a poster. I didn’t make it. But for the poster we needed a picture to show to the children what the class is about. And that’s what I did. 🙂



18 thoughts on “Drawing With Inkscape

    • Thank you Carina for your warm words! 🙂 I’m glad that through my job I can introduce people Inkscape. Many people in Estonia use Photoshop or Illustrator as these are the programs what you need to use if you want to work as graphic designer or smth like that. But I think it’s good if there are more knowledge of free programs, because there are many children who can’t afford themselves expensive programs. And I assure you, if you know how to use Inkscape, you can use Illustrator too. 🙂

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        • That would be great if you show it to your son. At first it can feel quite odd to use (my own experience), as it’s vector graphics program and little different from traditional drawing. But if you get to know how to use the tools then it is so much fun. 🙂 I recommend to show him some tutorials in Youtube, then he can see what that’s about.
          And as you maybe have noticed I also love to use old fashioned pencil. 😉
          By the way, you should do more art or show it more. I would like to see your artwork. 🙂


  1. Hanna I missed this post…what with all travels and all. Congratulations on your new job!!! I worked in libraries for years, when living in Canada. I still would like to do it here in the USA but so far no luck. Great image!1 The kids will learn a lot from you. xo Johanna

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    • Hi Johanna! I understand you. In busy times it happens often that I miss some post or answer to the comments many days later (like now). It’s mostly due to my not-so-perfect English skills. Because I must take quite much time to write something. Expressing myself can be very difficult sometimes. 🙂
      But I thank you so much for finding time. I really appreciate your comments.
      The library work is truly great. I hope you can do it again one day. 🙂 Take care!

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  2. I have missed endless posts by people I follow because for some reason my settings were changed! Really sorry. I love this picture you did. I hated Inkscape when I used it but already had an older copy of Illustrator on my computer, so I changed. But I agree about free apps. There should be more.

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    • It has happened to me often that I miss some post or comment, as I explained to Johanna in previous comment. 🙂
      Funny. It’s opposite for me. I love Inkscape and I’m so used to it. It’s my favourite drawing program at the moment. And even if I will find some better program in the future, then Inkscape remains important to me due to it’s impact on my life. 🙂
      Thank you for your visit, Eleanor. Take care! 🙂


  3. Telling from my freelance web design experience – Inkscape is a perfect open source tool. The same tasks which can be done by a premium software like Adobe’s Illustrator can also be done by Inkscape. Inkscape is a freeware alternative of Illustrator while Gimp is a freeware alternative of Photoshop. Though the system must have enough graphics processing power for smooth performance of Inkscape and Gimp.

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    • I totally agree with you. I once tried Illustrator and it really was very similar to Inkscape. And even if there are some differences then as you said: the same tasks can be done in both of them.

      Though Inkscape is my absolute favourite, I recently have started to learn GIMP more. I am so excited every time I learn new skills there. I hope that in the future I’ll be able to apply GIMP more in my artwork.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your comment! 🙂

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      • If you also dive into 3D illustrations/animations work then I would recommend “Blender” another open source tool. You can add Blender to your 3D design tools arsenal 🙂 You would need good graphics power in your computer though even a normal home computer can operate Blender without any issues.

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        • My boyfriend also recommended Blender some years ago, but I then had too powerless computer and couldn’t use it. I recently bought new one and now I have Blender downloaded. The only thing I need more is time. So many things to be done and learning new program is quite time-consuming. But I know if I want to step forward I need to invest my time in it. 🙂

          Do you use Blender yourself?


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