The Time With No Ideas

I believe you all have been there: your head is totally empty and you can’t think about any idea which is satisfying enough for you to want to fulfill it. I guess this is what they call “art block”*. I have been there thousand times.

And the same happened me again this January. This is the reason why there haven’t been new picture almost a month. But even if it was idea free period, it wasn’t entirely drawing free. I did some sketches and random pictures and experimented little with aquarelle pencils I got for Christmas (really cool stuff!)


Two little girls with very different mood:

And finally, this is poster I made for poetry club that takes place in our library once in every month (I made one also in December, but it’s too ugly to show you πŸ˜€ ):


Yesterday, after heavy thinking, I finally received some ideas, so I hope I can say this idea-free period is over now. πŸ™‚

* I searched quotes about art block and I found this gem from writer and illustrator Dave Horowitz:

β€œTo get over artist’s block, make shitty art.”

πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Thank you for your visit!

IF: Mischief

It has been some time when I last submitted something to Illustration Friday page and even longer since I have made picture specially for it. And I know that I should post my new pictures here, not the old ones, but this week topic is MISCHIEF and I just can’t resist to submit these pictures about Stevie making little trouble. I wanted to submit them directly from Stevie the Cat page, without posting here, but in some reason when I did it, pictures turned out blurry.

Besides, I think that old pictures wish to be seen more. πŸ™‚

Stevie and Working cat illustration Inkscape
Stevie and Working
Stevie and Painting cat illustration Inkscape
Stevie and Painting