Pancake Day

Pancake Day

“Let’s make pancakes, Kiko!”


I want to thank everyone who said nice things about my first Kajsa and Kiko picture. I really appreciate your opinion, so it made me very happy that you liked it. Hope you like the new one, too. 🙂


* Unfortunately I didn’t came up with that cool apron design myself. I found this dress or vest with these cute pockets one day, when I searched cat-themed clothes, and it looked like something Kajsa (and me too) would love to wear, so I just stole the idea >D


Kajsa and the Two-Faced Cat

Kajsa and the Two-Faced Cat

Please meet Kajsa and her best friend Kiko, the so-called two-faced cat.

Though I drew it to look little bit like a book cover, I actually don’t write/illustrate a book. These characters just wanted to become alive. 🙂

Hope you like them!