Air Pollution

Air Pollution man wearing gas mask containing plants illustration Inkscape


In the last post I wrote that if I want to become better artist I need to learn more. Therefore I borrowed some books from the library about the basics of drawing and watched some Youtube videos that teach how to use watercolours properly.

However, I haven’t reached very far with my studies yet, because not long after I finished previous post I started playing with a new idea and I couldn’t get it out of my head.

I wanted to write this post about air pollution and US withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement (which was the reason why this picture was born), but my head has been empty recently. Therefore, after two weeks of waiting, I decided I post it without the long story.

Hope you like it!



The Importance of Learning and Other Thoughts

Mandala black and white illustration Inkscape

Maybe some of my lovely followers have noticed that I’ve not been very active lately in blogging. The truth is that I needed a break for drawing to decide how to move on with my art. I’ve felt recently that my artistic progress is too slow. The reason is that I only draw, but I don’t learn.

1. Don’t compare yourself with others

Nowadays it’s standard that people always hurry and they feel the pressure to become ,,someone‘‘. It’s common that young people in their twenties already run businesses, are famous singers etc. And everywhere you look you see people who are more successful, more wealthy, more beautiful than you. And then you desperately try to keep in track. You make schedules and plans and time tables to be more productive. You sweat and cry and despair, but you still not be good enough. You never be good enough. There is always someone “better”.

After I started digital drawing, I entered the so-called Art World. By that I mean I have subscribed many great artists, liked many art pages in Facebook, explored art in Pinterest and so one. Therefore I’m always surrounded by art. And I love it. Everyday I open my computer, I see many incredible pieces of art. But sadly, it has one not so positive effect also. It can make us doubt in ourselves. And that’s exactly what happened with me. Everywhere I looked I saw talented and successful artists, making gorgeous artwork, plenty of them working when travelling or working from home or having great studios. And I felt I am nothing compared with them. I felt frustrated with my own art and my own life. Therefore I pushed myself, I tried different schedules and plans to discover how I am more productive. I constantly compared my work with others and made the conclusion: my artwork is the piece of crap. I even thought that I am not the “real artist” because I don’t draw every day like “real artists” do (not that I have a clue how often other people draw, it was just my assumption). What’s worse, I wanted to finish my drawings quickly, so I have something to show. But doing so, I didn’t actually make something big. And I didn’t learn something new. Good pictures may take time and good pictures need learning. Instead of getting better, I started to feel pressure and I didn’t grow as an artist anymore.

2. Too much pressure, too little joy

When I first started digital drawing, it was pure joy for me. But then, at once I felt sad that no one can see what I make and I started to think about having a blog or website. I still remember the happy feeling when I made the WordPress blog and the first blog posts. Even if my English was quite bad and my writing style was not the best, if I now read them, they feel so honest, so genuine. They bring back good memories. Then there came the first likes and comments and first followers! I couldn’t be more happier.

But with all the pressure I mentioned before, I lost most of this joy. I admit that some pressure is good for me because it keeps me going, but there was just too much of it and it was the wrong kind of a pressure. I love my life and I don’t want to ruin it by feeling like I’m not so good as others. Also, I am drawing because I love drawing, not because I must become the greatest artist in the whole world. Of course I want to become better, but I need to accept that there is always someone more excellent. I am unique in my own unique way, I can’t be like everyone else. The societal pressure to be the best and the pressure we put ourselves so often rob the enjoyment and fun from our activities. Like we are always hurry to reach some point where we finally are “the perfect”. Only that there is no point or top or climax in the life. Life is not a movie and if we are not living here and now, we are not living at all. As I read from somewhere: “The perfection is an illusion.” Thus, I’ve realized if I want to be happy it’s important to enjoy every moment and everything I do just now. The “real artist” is not someone who draws every day or has the great studio, it’s the one who values the creative process as much as the work itself. Maybe I’ll achieve something one day, maybe I’ll not, but if I live happy life and enjoy what I do, then it’s already success. I must not pressurize myself by comparing myself with others and accept that I what I am: the person who has her “cycles” – sometimes I read much, sometimes I draw much, sometimes I do nothing for a long time. And it’s okay. Because the more I let myself be free, the better results I have. If I try to change it and force myself to schedules and plans, then my work suffers and I suffer.

3. Don’t be afraid of quitting:

The same applies to the finishing the pictures. I always felt I must finish all the pictures I’ve started, even if I didn’t have any idea how to do so. And therefore it often happened that I subconsciously started avoiding drawing. I think that if we always try do finish what we have started, even if we don’t want to do it anymore, it can result that we put all our effort in “dying projects” instead of making something fresh and new. And then we linger and postpone and make excuses for not doing it and in the end we make less and we make it worse. If we don’t feel joy doing our things and feel the pressure always to finish them, it can cause that next time we don’t start something new at all.

Of course it isn’t always easy to distinguish what is out of our comfort zone and what doesn’t work for us. I suppose that we at least should give it to try, and then we can see, if we really want to do it or we don’t. But then it’s important not to feel guilty if we quit.

4. Most important – take time to learn:

If I want to become better, it’s not enough if I fabricate every day tons of new drawings, instead I must learn new skills and techniques. I need to educate myself about basics of light and shadow and how colours work as well as find out the opportunities offered by the programs I use. Here’s one example which shows how important learning really is. Few weeks ago I had to create mandalas because of one task in my workplace. Therefore I watched first time the tutorial videos in YouTube about Inkscape and I discovered many new possibilities in the program. Watching only couple of videos made me learn new things about program I’ve used almost four years! If they were difficult things then it would be not so big matter. But these were simple things that I should already know by that time. Now I ask myself, why on earth I didn’t watched tutorials before?!? What’s wrong with me that I didn’t want to learn?

Here are some mandalas I’ve made:

In conclusion, I decided to devote more time to learning art. I don’t say that I’m not gonna make any finished pictures, because it’s also possible to learn by this way. But I allow myself to not complete these pictures if I want to start a new one. I allow myself to doodle and sketch a lot and watch YouTube tutorials and read articles about art. And if something in my “journey” is worth sharing, I would share it with you. 🙂

Here is one great thought about mandalas by Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung:

“I sketched every morning in a notebook a small circular drawing, … which seemed to correspond to my inner situation at the time. … Only gradually did I discover what the mandala really is: … the Self, the wholeness of the personality, which if all goes well is harmonious.”

Thank you, everyone, who have come so far to read my gibberish. 🙂

Special thanks:

to Dorit, for all your advice and help you’ve gave me. 🙂

to Nina, for stimulating my thoughts. 🙂

Links of the video tutorials how to make (sort of) mandalas in Inkscape:

The Importance of Colours

Importance of colours

Last year, in the end of the August, I made this picture where the girl is riding with bicycle and in the background there is a sunset. I remember I wanted it look like these wonderful warm summer evenings, but later I wasn’t satisfied with the result. It’s not surprising if you look this bright orange sky. It may go with some exotic sea or beach, but in my picture it seems too much. Therefore, few days ago I experimented with colours and this is result:

Last Days of Summer girl bicycle illustration Inkscape

In my opinion it looks way better than last one. What do you think? Is the new look better or you prefer the old version? 🙂

Kiigepüha (the Spring is Finally Here)!

Ostara illustration Inkscape

Kiigepüha (Estonian word, literally meaning “Swing Holiday) or munapüha (“Egg Holiday”) is a festival for Estonian native faith maausk (“earth faith”) which timing overlaps with the time of the Easter. Kiigepüha celebrates the beginning of spring. And therefore my unfinished drawing is trying to feature the Spring growing plants.

Like other holidays and festivals, Kiigepüha also has many traditions and symbols. Many of them are common with other European people.

Thursday before Kiigepüha is the day for the great spring cleaning. But don’t worry if you can’t do it in Thursday (if you must work, for example), then the Saturday is also suitable for that.

In Saturday it’s time to boil eggs and prepare a feast. You should also go to sauna to cleanse your body and soul.

Sunday is the day of magic. You should wake early, before sunrise and go to swinging. In the old days, people gathered to swing and sing together (in Estonia we have these large wooden village swings that you can see in the pictures below). It was believed, that swinging cleans your body and brings you good luck. Therefore, in some places even sick people were taken to swinging. In Sunday it is forbidden to work and clean rooms.

Symbols of Kiigepüha are of course egg and bunny. With colouring the eggs you celebrate the rebirth of nature. The egg is an ancient symbol of fertility, birth and life and the rabbit also represent the fertility.

Happy Spring everyone! 🙂

I’ve used photos of these websites:

Reading Everywhere vol. 2

Reading on the Moon girl stoat illustration Inkscape

Reading, lots of reading – it’s basically everything I have done lately besides working, drawing this picture and eating tons of ice cream.

And life is not bad at all. It’s slowly gets warmer here and so unbelievable as it seems, the spring really is approaching. There is only one thing that I have missed and it’s reading my favourite bloggers’ posts. It has not been intentional that I have been so far from WordPress. It’s the pile of books in my corner of living room and more books in my workplace (I’m working in library, if you remember) that I can blame. But now I’m back and I try to keep track with your great stories and pictures again. 🙂

Finally, here is for you one beautiful song which have been out only few days and I already have listened it thousand times: Lorde – Liability. I hope you enjoy it.

Cheers! 🙂

The Time With No Ideas

I believe you all have been there: your head is totally empty and you can’t think about any idea which is satisfying enough for you to want to fulfill it. I guess this is what they call “art block”*. I have been there thousand times.

And the same happened me again this January. This is the reason why there haven’t been new picture almost a month. But even if it was idea free period, it wasn’t entirely drawing free. I did some sketches and random pictures and experimented little with aquarelle pencils I got for Christmas (really cool stuff!)


Two little girls with very different mood:

And finally, this is poster I made for poetry club that takes place in our library once in every month (I made one also in December, but it’s too ugly to show you 😀 ):


Yesterday, after heavy thinking, I finally received some ideas, so I hope I can say this idea-free period is over now. 🙂

* I searched quotes about art block and I found this gem from writer and illustrator Dave Horowitz:

“To get over artist’s block, make shitty art.”

😀 😀

Thank you for your visit!

IF: Mischief

It has been some time when I last submitted something to Illustration Friday page and even longer since I have made picture specially for it. And I know that I should post my new pictures here, not the old ones, but this week topic is MISCHIEF and I just can’t resist to submit these pictures about Stevie making little trouble. I wanted to submit them directly from Stevie the Cat page, without posting here, but in some reason when I did it, pictures turned out blurry.

Besides, I think that old pictures wish to be seen more. 🙂

Stevie and Working cat illustration Inkscape

Stevie and Working

Stevie and Painting cat illustration Inkscape

Stevie and Painting


Starting the 2017 With Running Nose and Ghibli Movies

Sick girl illustration Inkscape

My first days in this year were full of snot and sneezing. And lots of adorable Studio Ghibli movies.

I was ill when there was this big and important day for me where I got one year older again (that explain why there’s a piece of cake in the picture). And I was still ill when there was birthday for the great Hayao Miyazaki three days later. After a week long illness I thought that’s enough and got in the good shape again.

Happy new year! 🙂

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Bells

I made this Christmas card three years ago, when I had used Inkscape only about two months. I remember how proud I felt when I finished it. I wanted to make new picture for this year Christmas, but as you know, end of the year is busy time.

“Häid pühi” or “Häid jõule” means “Merry Christmas” in Estonian.

I really hope that all of you have joyful and beautiful Christmas! 🙂

Reading Everywhere (and how your art changes through the process)

Reading in the Tree girl stoat illustration Inkscape

“Miss a meal if you have to, but don’t miss a book” said Jim Rohn. Although I don’t agree with him about missing meals (I have mentioned it before that I love eating), I think that there are plenty of things in my life I could quit (or would like to quit if possible), but the reading is not one of them.

I don’t read so much that I would like to. For this year’s Reading Challenge goal in Goodreads (God bless this site, it’s awesome!) I set only 36 books and have read 31 of them for now (five more!). One of my colleague set 120 and has surpassed it by already have read 126.

The main reason why I don’t read so much is that I don’t have regular reading habit. Sometimes I don’t read any book in two months and then there are times I swallow one book after another so quickly that I can’t enjoy them so much as I want.

The second reason is everlasting case – not enough time. Drawing is one thing that swallows my time, but this is the thing I love as much as reading. So I would never reduce the time I spent drawing. But there is one thing which could take less time and that is working. Even if I like my job, so long it isn’t reading or drawing (I sometimes read in my workplace though 😉 ) I will whine about how much it consumes my time.

But you can’t just quit your job and start reading instead (and in drawing I’m not in this level yet) and that’s why I decided to develop my reading habit. I did some thinking and little research in internet and decided to follow these steps:

  1. Read every morning nearly 25 pages while drinking coffee.
  2. Read every evening 25 pages before bedtime.
  3. Find the “reading place” for yourself. It can be cozy armchair in your home, favourite cafe or even the tree like in the picture
  4. Reduce using internet (especially Facebook)
  5. Carry the book with you everywhere. You never know when there is a change to read it (for example if waiting for doctor or driving in bus, or maybe even in work). And it’s the best possible way to avoid boring situations.

What about you? Do you love reading? And do you think you need better reading habit or you already read so much you want?

But now little about my new picture. At first I wanted to make the picture where it’s raining and that’s the reason of umbrella.* Because how many of you use umbrella in winter? I already made the girl’s clothes which suits with rainy evening. She had yellow raincoat and rubber boots as you can see in this not-yet-ready picture below.

*The rainy picture would have matched better with our weather here in Estonia. Some of you maybe remember how I was whining last December about the missing snow. This year the situation is the same, but I have accepted it.


But you know. Sometimes you start one thing but something different grows out of it. And I think that the snowy picture turned out quite well. What do you think? Should I finish the rainy picture also or is the snowy one good enough?

Thank you for your attention and hope you have peaceful Advent time! 🙂