Bubble Cat Birthday Party illustration Inkscape

I had a holiday two weeks and then, after working less than a week, had another few days free and enjoyed “tourist stuff” in my home city. I visited different museums and cafes and the best thing – the zoo. 🙂

It have been very nice summer already and it’s so good to think that half of it is still there. And if I compare it with previous summers, it is one of the most active and productive summer I’ve ever had. There has been working, reading, relaxing, partying and drawing etc. Usually, in the summers, time just passes so quickly and I’m not able to do much.

Illustration Friday’s this week topic is PARTY and here is my submission. I like to do remakes of my old pictures. And therefore I took two years old picture about cat holding bunch of balloons and made it to the birthday party. And as you can see I used my old characters for this picture. What can I do – these are the cat’s friends. 🙂

Balloon Cat 2014
Balloon Cat 2014