If You Change Nothing, Nothing Will Change…


Hi everyone!

I even don’t know where to start…I have been away again. This time almost a year. Those of you who have been followed me for longer time, maybe have noticed, that it happens me from time to time. I don’t know if this time I will stay here longer, I hope I will. But life is full of changes and you can never be certain.

And change is the keyword of this year. I made changes in my art (started to use uni pin fineliner) and my personal life as well. But the biggest change happened in my mindset. I understood that if you want to be happy, then you just need to start to be. Forget all this: I’ll be finally happy when…There will never be more perfect time for being happy than now. Life always have it’s obstacles and difficulties. So, like the song says: don’t worry and be happy. 😀

P.S. I made new section in my blog menu called Pen(cil) Art, where you can find some of my new pen drawings amongst some old pencil drawings. I hope you like them. 🙂