Trick or Treat: Little Change in the Background

Trick or Treat

This picture isn’t appropriate anymore, because the Halloween is over for this year, but I didn’t want to wait til next year. 😀

I didn’t like the previous background of this picture. You can see why. There were just some silly-looking bushes (now there are silly-looking bushes and some lights :D). I wanted the background look simple, but not that simple. I posted the picture too soon, when it was not ready. I did it, because I was in a rush and had so little time to finish it. But I so badly wanted to post it in the Halloween.

My main issue with the previous background, though, was that it was too green. Halloween takes place in the autumn. And in Estonia, where Kajsa and Kiko live, the nature changes in autumn. The leaves turn orange and yellow and brown, until on the Halloween, the nature suddenly looks like it’s a big pumpkin itself.


But, even if Halloween is over, then there’s no need to be sad. Because soon it’s Christmas! 😀 And if you didn’t know, then today it’s All Souls’ Day. Thus, I hope you have a beautiful and peaceful day (or evening, as in Estonia). 🙂

Pancake Day

Pancake Day

“Let’s make pancakes, Kiko!”


I want to thank everyone who said nice things about my first Kajsa and Kiko picture. I really appreciate your opinion, so it made me very happy that you liked it. Hope you like the new one, too. 🙂


* Unfortunately I didn’t came up with that cool apron design myself. I found this dress or vest with these cute pockets one day, when I searched cat-themed clothes, and it looked like something Kajsa (and me too) would love to wear, so I just stole the idea >D


Can’t Get Enough of Autumn

Walking With Cat girl autumn illustration Inkscape

Although the weather has turned quite chilly, there’s this fresh and clean smell in the air, what I most love about autumn. Also, trees are still beautifully colourful and you can wear warm, but nice clothes. Soon there will be the “too cold to be pretty” time in Estonia :D. And if you put warm clothes (much warmer than the girl in the picture wears), then it’s so nice and refreshing to walk in the autumnal nature :).

I’ve noticed I fall in love with fall more and more each day. 🙂